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ExpressVPN review

ExpressVPN is one of the most popular and well-known VPN services available on the market. He is also one of my favorites. Why? First, it provides a high-speed connection. Secondly, ExpressVPN covers a large number of countries (more than 90 countries at the time of this writing). And thirdly, its application is very user-friendly and available for download on most platforms. So, before you enter in the search engine “Express VPN download” let’s examine it in detail.

ExpressVPN reviews: fast and reliable VPN with multiple servers

For several years, a service created in the British Virgin Islands has been providing fast and secure Internet through its private network. Over the years he has demonstrated a high level of reliability.

As I already said, VPN Express covers a large number of countries: 94 countries (including 145 cities) …. and this number is continuously growing! Along with other countries, you can also use the service in the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia or India. VPN Express is available on both computers (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) and mobile devices (Android, iOs).

How do you like that? The service provides access to unlimited high-speed Internet, data encryption, video viewing (for example, viewing ITS, TNT or Netflix from another point of the world), P2P and torrent resources!

The company has a strict “non-interference policy.” Privacy Policy clearly explains what data the service collects, and what does not. Consequently, the service does not record your browsing history, traffic direction or content, the IP used to connect to the VPN or DNS queries. Your actions on the Internet are hidden, and your privacy is protected. Registration requires only a minimum set of the data needed to use the service.

The company offers three subscription plans: monthly, semi-annual or annual. The annual subscription plan is the most economical because you get a discount on the use of the service. You can also try to use the services of the service without the risk of irretrievable loss of funds, thanks to the program “we will refund the money for the first 30 days of use”. You can easily cancel the subscription and return the money if you are unhappy with the services of the service. Terms of service may vary, so click on the picture to go to the site and find out about the latest offers!

ExpressVPN: general technical information

Traffic Unlimited

Network Type Private

Encryption Military, 256 bit

Server Switches Unlimited

Servers 145

IP Address Unknown

Protocols OpenVPN (TCP, UDP), L2TP-IPsec, SSTP, and PPTP protocols

Supported platforms Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux

OpenVPN supports OpenVPN protocol support based on SSL with 256-bit data encryption.

Types of customer support 24/7 email, chat, ticket system, telephone

Does the money back guarantee? Canceling the subscription within 30 days is possible.

Countries covered Over 94 countries

Multi-login 3 simultaneous connections

ExpressVPN reviews

Minimalist and easy to use

Express VPN has particular applications for all devices and platforms. Both for computers (Windows, Mac, and Linux), and smartphones (Android and iPhone), tablets (Android and iPad) and other devices. Each of the applications is convenient to use. All that is required of you is to start the app, connect to the server of the country you need and that’s all, ready! You can enjoy safe internet!

I regularly use the smart location function to find the fastest server. However, if you wish, you can get detailed information about each of the VPN locations. VPN Express even offers a “speed test” that determines the speed index, the waiting time, and the download speed of each server. Thus, you can choose the best server for each of the locations.

You can also set advanced settings. For example, experienced users can even change the VPN protocol to better configure the server to suit their needs.

The default service provides users with personal DNS servers that are ideal for accessing unlimited content in countries with censorship restrictions.

VPN Express has unlimited broadband access, which provides a high connection speed. As a result, thanks to the service, users can enjoy P2P and Torrents.

You will not leave a single trace since no information is recorded or stored whether it’s a fact of using a VPN, or the information you exchange. So you go entirely unnoticed. Moreover, service systems do not involve entering any personal data. As a result, if requested, the service will not be able to provide information about you, because it simply does not exist.

However, like all VPN providers, VPN Express prohibits any illegal activity through its servers. I warned you.

Emergency disconnect VPN connection (Killswitch)

Of course, VPN Express has an emergency VPN connection disconnection system (remember, this is vpn provider # 1 on the market). What is it? This is a system that will prevent the leakage of traffic in case of a sharp disconnection of the VPN connection. Thus, your IP address will never be calculated, and your privacy will be completely safe.

Tunnel separation

Last but not least, the company’s developers added a new feature to their software: Tunnel Split (available on Router and Mac). This is a function that allows you to choose which of the traffic will go through the VPN channels. Of course, a VPN is the best way to protect your privacy. However, you may encounter a situation where a VPN connection will not allow you to:

• At the same time to gain access to both foreign and local content

• Get access to LAN devices (for example, a printer)

However, using a function such as a channel separation will allow you to handle all services and bypass restrictions simultaneously. At the same time, your privacy will be protected.

Advice from a professional

The configuration is at the heart of everything. Of course, most of the time you want to be sure that all your traffic goes through a VPN connection. However, here you make an exception. That is why make sure that you have correctly configured the distribution of tunnels. This way you will avoid avoiding leaking your traffic from the VPN channel. All your sensitive data and downloads should always remain within the VPN connection.

Special applications

Did you know that all modern mobile devices allow you to manually configure the connection settings of any VPN available in the market? Like some of the competitors, VPN Express makes this process even more comfortable by bringing to your attention a proprietary application for each of the platforms. This application allows you to use OpenVPN on any of the devices.

Customer service

Before you enter “express vpn download” in the search engine, let me tell you about the customer support service. Customer support is great! I always received a rapid response to my question in the chat about which one I need to choose a VPN server to, for example, watch American Youtube or Netflix. If you ever encounter problems when using the service, you can always quickly contact support. They will solve your problem safely!

Bonus: Browser Extension

The service is also available for Chrome and Firefox. This is somewhat reminiscent of the separation of the tunnels referred to in the ExpressVPN reviews section. Your browser’s traffic uses a VPN connection, and your computer and all other traffic use a real IP address.

These extensions give you access to all ExpressVPN servers. They are also straightforward to use. Moreover, additional features are also available, such as emergency disconnect and DNS leak protection.

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