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How to use Avast SecureLine VPN code?

Avast SecureLine VPN makes your online presence invisible to anyone looking to put hands on your privacy, even the internet provider, in a single click. It runs on any type of OS or device, and you can hook several gadgets to one account. To get your traffic encrypted, you only need an activation code.

How SecureLine works

Similar to any other VPN software, Avast SecureLine directs all your traffic through a secure tunnel, encrypting the data at the entrance and decrypting it at the exit. You still need your provider to go online, but everything regarding data transmissions is under SecureLine’s control. As a result, the provider can’t track your actions online. As a bonus, you get to enjoy the content that’s blocked in your country by directing your traffic via servers located overseas.

Advantages of using Avast’s VPN feature

  • Complete online invisibility with the opportunity to explore content previously unavailable in your region;
  • A variety of servers to connect to;
  • A user-friendly interface with intuitive settings;
  • Secure experience. Thanks to the latest protocols, no one will ever gain access to your information;
  • 256-bit AES encryption, a top-notch security algorithm used by world-leading companies and governments. In plain English, the technology ensures that you’ll never leave any traces of your presence online unless you decide otherwise;
  • Safely use public Wi-Fi spots;
  • Play your favorite online games with next-to-zero connection lags.

How to Set Up Avast’s VPN on a PC with an Activation Code?

Firstly, go to Avast’s official website and get yourself the VPN software. Once you’re done, complete a brief guide below:

  • Locate the app’s icon on the desktop and open it.
  • In the middle of the opened window, find a switch button highlighted in red and click on it.
  • You’ll then be asked whether you want to keep using the trial mode or pay and subscribe. Neither is the right choice. You’re going for the “I already have a license” option.
  • Click and proceed to the subscription window with two options: sign in with your existing account or use a code. Pick the latter option. You’ll find a window to enter your code.
  • And finally, discover limitless internet space and enjoy complete privacy.

Alternatively, if you have an Avast SecureLine VPN voucher code for Android, feel free to get the app running on the smartphone for total protection, even on the go.

Go to the Google Play Store and get yourself the freshest version of Avast’s application. Once the download is finished, open it, follow the tutorial, and tap “Already purchased.” After selecting the “Use voucher” option, enter the code, and you’re all set and absolutely safe to browse web content away from prying eyes.

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