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NordVPN review

NordVPN: a reliable VPN review for Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac

A high-quality and smoothly running VPN, available on any platform, has ceased to be a geek in the modern world and has moved to the category of necessary and everyday things. During the blocking of the Telegram messenger, a mass of entirely reliable services fell, Viber just reported about the problems, and other sites and online services like ordering tickets and online stores were under attack. In order not to rely on chance, it is better to use a reliable VPN, available as an application on a smartphone, an extension in a browser, or a program on a computer.

In the NordVPN review, we’ll see if it can claim to be an everyday VPN, always ready to deal with locks and protect user data. The beaten proverb about free cheese applies to VPN. Well-founded reasons, due to which services offered for free should be treated with concern, are named in this article. In addition to the possible leakage of personal data, almost all free VPNs have one or another restriction – on traffic, functions, available servers, channel width, etc. It is not always possible to fully use them to protect your traffic and bypass blocking. NordVPN is a paid service, but quite affordable for the average Russian. Evaluate the capabilities of the application in the “combat conditions” will help a free week of the trial period without any restrictions.

NordVPN Reliable VPN for Android and iPhone NordVPN is available on almost any platform – as an application on Android and iPhone, programs for Windows and Mac, extensions in popular Chrome and Firefox browsers. There are no applications for Linux, but this is a minor flaw, albeit worth mentioning. At the same time, from under one account, NordVPN can be used on six different devices, i.e., the service is quite suitable for the role of “family.” The fee, of course, does not change at all, even if you use VPN all the time on different devices. In pluses NordVPN also we can safely write down strong encryption of traffic according to military standards and the absence of any logging of user activity. Thanks to this, you will be able to run and use Telegram, LinkedIn, Line and any blocked applications and services on your smartphone or computer without any problems and unnecessary tambourines with a tambourine. Blocked websites with NordVPN in the browser also open without problems.

VPN for smartphones on Android The NordVPN application on Android Most of the time we tested NordVPN in an Android application, but the Windows program was also installed on the editorial computer. After downloading the application, you will have to go through the standard registration procedure (email and password) to activate the trial week period. NordVPN for Android has a clean and elegant interface, where there is nothing extra. VPN is disabled by default. You can use the Quick Connect button to connect to the server selected in automatic mode (you can then specify the server for quick connection in the settings manually) and not waste time. Available servers and there are more than 3000 of them in different countries of the world (absent, perhaps, Mongolia) can be displayed as a list or selected on a pretty world map with ships, forests, submarines, and other pleasant details.

VPN servers can be sorted alphabetically or by distance from you. A filter for specific servers is also available – P2P, Onion, Anti DDoS, Double VPN and with dedicated IP. If you do not know what these abbreviations mean, then use any of the lists, they are for professionals who know exactly what they are doing. The reservation should be made for servers with obfuscation, which allows you to bypass the most draconian prohibitions and locks. In the settings of the NordVPN application, you can also enable protection against CyberSec advertisements, viruses and hacker attacks, automatic activation when connected to Wi-Fi, and also indicate the most suitable server for automatic connection. It is important to remember that the service does not limit the traffic or bandwidth of the VPN network. So we watched YouTube videos in a 1080p format without any problems, and the traffic meter counted several gigabytes in a couple of hours. However, the connection with the server chosen at random in Sweden was not broken; there were no lags in the process of viewing either. Testing blocked applications for several days also did not give reason to find fault with NordVPN – everything worked like a clock, despite any “fan locks” of the infamous Russian department.

Pros and Cons

More than 3000 servers in different countries of the world, including Russia. Support for all platforms, incl. Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Available extensions for browsers Chrome and Firefox. Encrypt VPN traffic. Unlimited traffic and bandwidth. Up to 6 connections from different devices from under one account. Built-in banner cutter and virus protection. No user activity logs. Stable work in real conditions. There is no translation of applications into Russian. EVALUATION PROCONTENT.RU: 9/10


NordVPN in all its guises, whether it is an iPhone application or a Windows program, works clearly and reliably, at any time offering a guaranteed way to cope with the trickiest locks, as well as protect personal data from intruders. Yes, the service doesn’t do it for free, but its impressive list outweighs the cost of a subscription.

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