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Review on VyprVPN

Because VyprVPN is beyond the reach of US and European Union data laws in secure Switzerland and has powerful privacy features, it can be your best choice if you have Internet security as a priority. And at the same time, the service provides impressive speeds in certain areas (for example, the United States), which means that you will not be affected by the performance because of the choice of security.

Please note that Golden Frog stores necessary connection information (not network activity) for 30 days (more on this in the “Privacy” section). Therefore, VyprVPN is not confidential, but this is minor. For avid Torrent users, this service is not suitable. Applications look convenient and straightforward, but behind this lies a compelling and impressive functionality.

The range of locations is impressive, and the service also allows you to select urban type servers in the US to optimize your connection. One of the main advantages of VyprVPN is that it works in China, which is essential for anyone who has somehow suffered from the Great Firewall.

What do we like

Chameleon technology to bypass the Chinese Firewall

Automatically troubleshoot connectivity issues

Built-in NAT firewall as an extra layer of protection

What we want less

Storing logs for 30 days (although they do not store details of activity in the network)

Mobile applications could be more convenient

Premium access required for access to the best features.

Confidentiality – 8.3

VyprVPN has a lot of powerful security features, so using it you make the right choice for privacy. We liked such excellent features as the NAT firewall to block unauthorized incoming traffic, the Killswitch, which protects your real IP address in case of a connection failure, and the built-in encryption type Chameleon, which allows you to bypass the Great Chinese Firewall. Another important advantage is the presence of its DNS servers, which do not keep logs (which is not true of third-party DNS servers). A recent update introduced a feature called “Automatic Troubleshooting,” it detects a connection problem and automatically starts selecting the correct protocol, saving you time and effort.

VyprVPN keeps a minimum amount of log metadata about your connection for 30 days. They honestly declare that they do not record and do not monitor your activity on the network. Fortunately, they openly state what information they collect:

Time and date of connection/disconnection

The IP address used for the connection and the address that the VyprVPN server has chosen

Number of bytes transferred

VyprVPN does not block P2P traffic but deserves criticism about how it manages security issues in this aspect. We chatted a bit with VyprVPN representatives, they turned out to be experts in their field and recommended VyprVPN as a safe and confidential service, regardless of whether you use P2P or not.

Speed ​​& Performance – 7.8

The rate on the VyprVPN servers showed improvements in the results of recent tests, in particular in the UK, USA, and Singapore. When you connect to almost any server that is not so far from your residence, you will get an excellent speed and level of performance. But this is not the level of top competitors of the service. With the latest update, the level of delays has decreased, making the service more attractive for gamers who prefer online games.

Location – 8.8

VyprVPN offers a pervasive selection of server locations – by the server in each significant country. The choice of urban servers is limited to the USA and Australia. Valid, this range still does not incur the best VPN services. The dynamic server switching feature is handy, it helps to ensure that you are connected to the server with the best performance in the selected location. So you don’t have to manually check server load, ping time and download speed yourself.

Easy to use – 7.6

What we liked

Simple unloaded application

Easy to manage advanced features

Smooth server switching

What we wanted less

Mobile apps are slightly uncomfortable

The desktop version is unfinished

Settings are not available during connection

VyprVPN has a unloaded and straightforward desktop application, a somewhat damp truth; the priority is clarity for the end user. At our disposal there is a schedule (which can be turned off), showing the activity of the network – an excellent addition. The choice of server location and switching between them is very smooth, although we are not fans of separate windows in the server list. The connection process is relatively quick and painless; your new IP address is shown in the main window.

Access to many functions and settings is not available during connection, which is not immediately apparent and not very convenient. But as soon as it turns out, you discover that navigating through the settings is very comfortable thanks to the excellent location and clear description.

Mobile applications are less fortunate, harder to use. A double password is required to log in, and this is not convenient when you have thumbs and random lines instead of passwords. But in general, mobile applications are very similar to the desktop version. We noticed some improvements in connecting to most stream-services that do not favor VPN. However, if you still have problems, try clearing your browser’s cache, exit Chrome, and block all apps that request your location data.

Is VyprVPN compatible with my device?

User support – 8.3

The support section of VyprVPN looks untidy; there are not enough video instructions or a full-fledged information base. Live chat works, really slowly. Communication with customer support in other ways is very ambiguous, so be prepared.

Is it worth the money – 9.0

What we liked

NAT firewall included in all tariffs

Premium rate, including many features, at an attractive price

Decent sized server network

What we wanted less

There is no Chameleon protocol at the base rate.

In the base rate only three simultaneous connections

Cloud VPN server is unavailable until the Premium rate

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