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Top Free Antivirus Protection for Mac Users

Both laptops and desktops have certain security measures as a part of the macOS. However, more and more users have been using antivirus programs as an extra layer of protection. While the choice of options is smaller than for Windows users, several developers offer antivirus programs for Mac users. The top free antivirus, without a doubt, is Bitdefender. Let’s find out why it’s your best choice and some peculiarities of the antivirus.  

The overview of antivirus protection

Bitdefender is known to provide excellent protection from malware, viruses, spyware, rootkit, and hackers. It prevents cybercriminals from stealing your information and identity. While the free edition has very limited features, it still runs on the same engine as premium solutions. It means a user will get the same quality of protection. Independent testing labs shared its scores showing the program detects 100% malware. Another advantage of this program is the lack of false positives.

Bitdefender has several layers of protection. Picking the free edition, a user gets the basics only. Yet, it might be enough for an average user.

Talking about the premium plans, users get a VPN and parental control. The free edition, on the other hand, doesn’t have anything else to offer.

Automated updates keep the system safe. However, it’s better to check for available updates in case your free version fails to install them automatically.

Other important details

Mac users should be aware of the simplicity of the installation process. It’s easy and quick. Then the program runs in the background preventing threats from getting to your device.

The software has a very light impact on system performance and won’t interfere with the device’s work. A user won’t get site crashes or app malfunctions because of it. Video games or movies won’t have any delays either. However, some things are likely to get slower. For example, your emails will open a couple of seconds later. It happens because Bitdefender scans them for threats.

When describing the interface, the only word will be convenient. It’s simple and modern. Since we discuss the free edition, there won’t be tons of unnecessary features, information, pop-up windows, etc. Even beginners will quickly find their ways around it. The program also offers the fastest full scans. Other types of scans available are the system scan and the custom scan. The latter allows choosing a specific folder or file.

Why is Bitdefender the most suitable solution?

  1. It delivers complete protection using the same engine premium versions have. The independent testing labs state it detects 100% malware.
  2. The program is very light and has an almost imperceptible impact on system performance. Gamers and movie buffs won’t get any delays.
  3. The company has a clear privacy policy.
  4. A user-friendly interface makes navigation convenient and simple.
  5. Millions of people trust their devices with this company.

The verdict

Far from all antivirus developers make separate software for this operating system. While the devices have very good protection from the start, some users still want more protection. One of the best solution here is Bitdefender. It’s not only the leader in the market but a very reliable and trustworthy choice. Today, we’ve discussed the peculiarities of the program one must know before installing antivirus. they are sure to convince a user if that’s the right choice. Define what you want from antivirus software and you’ll see if this solution is a fit.


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