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Windows VPN review

Rating VPN services for Windows

VPN clients are a relatively popular category of software among Internet users. When using them, you send requests to the final resources not through your provider, but through a virtual node, which, as a rule, is located in another country. In this case, traffic is exchanged in an encrypted form. This principle of data exchange allows us to solve two main tasks – to preserve anonymity (after all, the service provider receives information in an encrypted form) and bypass regional resource locks. Put – to establish a connection with prohibited sites at the provider level.

Note that when using particular VPN clients for Windows 7-10, XP, Vista, in a similar way all traffic is transmitted, including data sent by browsers, torrent clients and other programs.

Some services offer to install a browser plugin. In this case, only the information transmitted by the web browser is transmitted through the intermediate node.

When evaluating each service, we took into account three primary parameters:

• interface – how convenient the client interface is;

• the facility offers functional – how many possibilities;

• Price/ quality – how reasonable is the price for the provided options. In this category, we also took into account the cross-platform, functionality of the free version (if available), as well as the availability of discounts when purchasing a subscription for an extended period.

Free VPN services with limited traffic

Let’s start the review with customers who do not limit the amount of traffic in the free version during any period. However, they may contain other limits on other parameters – access speed, functionality, the presence of advertising modules.

Hotspot shield


• monitoring network connections;

• purchase of an unlimited license is possible.


• too much commercial content in the Free version;

• you cannot select a separate server, only the country of the location of the intermediate node.

Some portals assigned Hotspot Shield the title of “Most Secure VPN,” but the utility uses the same algorithms as other services. The program allows you to connect to more than 20 different locations. After the connection is established, the amount of data transmitted and received is displayed in the client interface. When running in the background, the utility monitors all active Internet connections, if you enter to connect to a previously unknown network, the program will offer you to encrypt the connection.

Without a license purchase, the program initiates the display of blocks with financial information. Yes, and the rate of traffic exchange in this case sometimes leaves much to be desired. After buying a subscription for $ 6 monthly, all limits will be removed. Hotspot Shield is one of the few services offering to purchase an unlimited time license. Its cost is 120 dollars.

ZenMate VPN


• installation on any devices, plug-ins to different browsers;

• DNS tracking.


• before connecting, it is impossible to determine the quality of the connection with the remote server;

• poor quality of communication in the Free-version.

An excellent service that can be used as a stand-alone program or browser plug-ins. By default, ZenMate VPN establishes a connection with the fastest server; however, there is the possibility of manually selecting a location. Additional security provides built-in protection of DNS-addresses from substitution.

Like Hotspot Shield, ZenmateVPN does not limit the amount of traffic transferred in the free version, and only the connection speed is limited. Subscription price – $ 9 per month or $ 60 per year.



• automatically reconnect to another server in case of loss of connection;

• high-speed connection to each node;

• many clients for different platforms.


• non-localized interface;

• relatively high monthly subscription price.

In the Betternet it is proposed to connect not so many remote sites, but the quality of communication with them is excellent – the ping and the traffic exchange rate are at an exceptional level. The utility function is standard – the ability to self-select a node, the presence of mobile versions of the program and browser plug-ins.

Note that the free version of the client does not display advertising content and does not limit the amount of traffic. It defines only the connection speed and the number of available servers. When testing, the Free-version of the Betterment client allowed traffic to be exchanged much faster than alternative utilities.

The price of premium access is $ 12 per month or $ 36 per year.

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